Question: How do I get an account?
Awnser: See the Register button? Click it.

Question: Whats a confirmination code?
it's whats needed to reset your password, or create an account.

Question: How do I login?
Awnser: Click the Login button, Duh! :P

Question: the game isn't loading.. HELP!
Awnser: W'ere sorry for the inconvinience.. But the server must either be down for maintinance or crashed.

Question: Where are the "Stores"???
Awnser: There not called stores, there called posts. And there located at certain locations, for example: (100,100) (-100,100) (100,-100) (-100,-100) (400,400) (-400,400) (400,-400) (-400,-400) (900,900) (-900,900) (900,-900) (-900,-900) (2500,2500) (-2500,2500) (2500,-2500) (-2500,-2500) ect.. You can find the rest out!

Question: How do I equip things?
Awnser: When you buy something, if it's bigger than your (current item) it auto-equips.

Question: I bought 600 Quicksilver yet my speed went up Approx: 30! Whats up with that?
Awnser: It takes more than one quicksilver to get 1 speed up.

Question: What is quicksilver?
Awnser: Quicksilver is used to increase your speed, which is determined in battle how many times in a row you can hit.

Question: whats this (Example: -1-) by my name?
Awnser: That is your current channel, you can change it by clicking Misc and going to Channels.

Question: Whats this (Example: F) by my name?
Awnser: Say you have an F by your name, that is your class (Fighter).

Question: Morons keep coming and coming, why?
Awnser: They are infinite.. There freinds keep coming and coming, best to evade that monster.

Question: How come the Dark Lord can kill me so easy?
Awnser: He is the vile Dark Lord. You must have a blessing, and a few charms inorder to kill this foe.

Question: How do I fight stronger monsters?
Awnser: Say your at, for instance, coords -31,27 by moving up to say -100,340 the monsters are stronger (your coords numbers are bigger). Higher the coords, stronger the monsters.

Question: What do books do? I don't want to read!
Awnser: Fine.. Don't, but by ("Reading them") your brains on your character increase, making it easier for you to "Luckout" on a monster.

Question: Monsters attack me even when I go idle and click nothing, whats up?
Awnser: This will happen to matter what. Once between level(s) 5-20 you'll get a command called "Cloak," activate that to not be attacked by monsters.

Question: What is Counsil of the Wise?
Awnser: That is something you can achieve at level 3,000. You get afew commands like "Slap, Heal, Blind".

Question: Whats a Valar?
Awnser: A Valar can be achieved by seeking the holy grail.

Question: I DIED!! What the heck?
Awnser: Ouch, that sucks. You can achieve lifes by becoming a Valar, Ex-Valar, or Council of the Wise.

Question: How do I become a King, Queen, or Steward?
Awnser: Find a staff, then go to coords 0,0 "AKA. The lords chamber."