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During the course of the game, the player may see a need to exercise his/her magic powers. Spells are cast using mana and normally have a minimum magic level and character level. Here's a list of all known spells:

All or Nothing

magic level: none
character level: none
mana used: 1
when used: combat

Has a chance of working based on monster experience and character magic level. When it works, it hits the monster just enough to kill it. If it fails, the monster's quickness and strength double. Paralyzed monsters wake up much quicker as a result of this spell.

Magic Bolt

magic level: 5
character level: none
mana used: variable
when used: combat

Hits the monster based upon the amount of mana expended and magic level.

Increase Might

magic level: 15
character level: none
mana used: 30 + 1/2 * magic level
when used: combat

Used during combat with monsters. Increases strength for that battle only.


magic level: 20
character level: 7
mana used: 35
when used: normal play

Cloak prevents monsters from finding the character, as well as hiding the player's coordinates from others. Maintaining a cloak costs mana equal to the size of the monsters you're hidden from. While cloaked, players cannot collect mana, hunt monsters, find villages or objects in the realm, use special powers or teleport.


magic level: 25
character level: none
mana used: 35 + 1/2 * magic level
when used: combat

Makes it harder for the monster to attack by temporarily increasing the player's quickness.

Force Field

magic level: 35
character level: none
mana used: 60 + 1/2 * magic level
when used: combat

Throws up a shield to protect from damage. The shield is added to actual energy level and based on magic level. Normally, damage occurs first to the shield, and then to the players actual energy level.


magic level: 40
character level: 15
mana used: variable
when used: normal play

Allows the player to move with much more freedom than with the compass or move option, at the price of expending mana. This spell is more efficient as magic level increases.


magic level: 45
character level: none
mana used: 100
when used: combat

Transports the monster away from the player. Success is based upon player's magic level and the monster's experience. If successful, there is a 50% chance the monster will drop any treasure it was carrying. If it fails, the player may be transported instead.


magic level: 60
character level: none
mana used: 125
when used: combat

"Freezes" the monster by putting its quickness slightly negative. The monster will slowly wake up. Success is based upon the player's magic and the monster's experience. If it fails, nothing happens.


magic level: 75
character level: none
mana used: 150
when used: combat

Transforms the monster randomly into one of the 100 monsters from the monster file. This spell can fail and backfire in inter-terminal combat.

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